Morning Music Notes – World’s Celebrities Head to California Desert

Why pay someone to make a music video for you when there are others perfectly willing and capable of doing it for you FOR FREE? The Men did just that, with their fan-selected video for Different Days.

The Men - Different Days via YouTube screen cap

The upbeat rocker is just what you need to kick off your morning. Check it out below.

The Men – Different Days

Morning Music Notes

Weekend 1 of 2 in the California desert festival known as Coachella took place this past weekend. What you might have missed included:

Beyonce joining her sister Solange’s set to dance along to great track Losing You.

Pharrell Williams had everyone (no, really – everyone) appear in his set, including Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Tyler the Creator, Snoop Dogg, Diplo, and Gwen Stefani. Who does he think he is – Drake at OVO Fest?

Speaking of Drake, he joined Jhene Aiko’s set, and Slash joined Motorhead for Ace of Spades.

In less exciting news, Justin Bieber showed up for Chance the Rapper’s set, doing the Bieber song Confident. Did he get bottled – please say yes.

In non-Coachella news, Billy Corgan said the Smashing Pumpkins will re-release Adore (my odd choice for best Smashing Pumpkins album), with 3 discs of unreleased goodies. And these goodies (unfortunately?) aren’t of the eatable variety. (via Consequence of Sound)

In an interesting and musical-segregated move, Toronto’s Exhibition Place has decided to ban electronic music events. Apparently these shows bring $1 million in revenue to the City, but they also bring drugs and scary bad guys. Get the full details here.

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