Morning Music Notes – Top 10 Favourite Things About Retiring

How to Dress Well have a new track for us from What Is This Heart?, out on June 24. The track is Repeat Pleasure, which is what I assume getting jiggy with me would be classified under, amiright??

How to Dress Well - Repeat Pleasure

The dreamy track has an upbeat dancey feel, with the sound switching from synth to rock to dance party central. Check it out below.

Morning Music Notes

One of my early comedy icons, the legendary David Letterman, is retiring after 100000 years in late night television. He’s had many memorable musical guests throughout the years, and bands looked forward to playing his Late Show. Oddly enough, the news was broken by R.E.M.’s Mike Mills on Twitter, as he was scheduled to be on the show and saw the announcement recording.

Jack White is at it again. He’s off to see the wizard try and release a record in an incredibly fast time. On Record Store Day, he’ll be at his Third Man Records, recording music, then master pressing it onto vinyl, and release the title track for Lazoretto, all in the same day. Talk about a quick turnaround time. (via Pigeons and Planes)

Attention Game of Thrones nerds (of which I’m sure there are many) – Sigur Rós will be recording a version of The Rains of Castamere, a song for the House of Lannister. My dad probably only understood 4 words in that last sentence. The Rains of Castamere was previously recorded by the National, and the new version will show up in Season 4, which begins Sunday – omgomgomg! (via Pitchfork)

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