Friday Afternoon Funnies – Twin Shadow Plays in a Dumpster

Flash mobs and secret gigs are one way to surprise your fans, and make a viral video. But how important is the location of these gigs? Would you play in a garbage dumpster? Twin Shadow would, at SXSW no less.

Twin Shadow via Funny or Die screen cap

At SXSW, Twin Shadow appeared in a place reserved for Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch, playing where garbage is usually stored. We get to hear Five Seconds, dumpster styles. So maybe this video isn’t laugh out loud hilarious, but you have to laugh at the situation (right? right?!). You also have to admire the guy who throws his empty cup into the dumpster mid-show. Check out Twin Shadow in a dumpster in our Friday Afternoon Funnies.

Twin Shadow Plays in a Dumpster

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