Morning Music Notes – The 1%

We have something from singer SZA, with help from a beat by DJ Dahi (who has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Drake). The track is called Babylon.

SZA - Babylon via YouTube screen cap

The video for Babylon features a slow, methodical removal of clothing before going for a dunk in some water. Don’t worry, you can watch it at work. You might get fired if you do though. The SZA track is off of #Z, out April 8.

SZA – Babylon

Morning Music Notes
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Remember when some foolish blog told you the new Tool album is complete? Apparently it was a joke, although the album is close. Psych! (via Gigwise)

This is a daunting statistic – less than 5% of girls I date know my name 1% of musicians earn 77% of all recorded music income. The top 1% indeed. Check out the full MIDiA report here.

Neil Young has been talking about his high quality digital portable music player for some time. It turns out it will be unveiled at SXSW, and it will be called PonoPlayer. It’ll cost $399 and come with 128 GB of memory. It’ll be sold on crowdfunding site Kickstarter beginning March 15. Will music fans care, or are there still enough audiophiles to make this a hit? And who the hell calls them audiophiles anyway? (via Pitchfork)

Are Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails going to tour together? Rumours say yes, officials are quiet. Note: the rumours were started by me. (via Consequence of Sound)

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