Morning Music Notes – You Can Apologize for Anything

Inlet Sound, who we caught last year at Canadian Music Week, have a new video for their track Blizzard Baby.

Inlet Sound - Blizzard Baby
The band rope in various people to lip sync and dance to their lyrics… and get hit with paint? That’s not a good gig at all! Hopefully it doesn’t encourage fans to launch paint at the band during their shows. Check out the poppy folk track below.

Inlet Sound – Blizzard Baby

Morning Music Notes
They’ve gone and done it again. Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have done Part 5 of their on-going History of Rap tributes (here are Parts One and Two, Three, and Four). Watch geeky white guys have another go at rap below.

History of Rap 5

Kanye West wants to work with Mercury Prize winner James Blake. Blake is open to it but unsure it’ll happen. (via Pigeons and Planes)

Miguel was convicted for a DUI. But it’s okay, as he’s “really sorry”. (via Billboard)

Kanye West had Yeezus, UK singer Lily Allen is going to have Sheezus. If she has a song called Bound 3 and re-enacts the motorcycle video, I think Kanye can claim she’s a true copycat.

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