Morning Music Notes – Celebrity Boxing without Celebrities

The James Mercer – Danger Mouse combo known as Broken Bells are back with another new video off of new album, After the Disco. The track is the non-disco song, Leave It Alone.

Broken Bells - Leave It Alone via YouTube screen cap
The video takes your usual lyric video and raises the bar, with its use of CGI, to put the object on the cover of the first album (and seen on the second one) into various landscapes in the video. Oh, and it morphs and stuff.

Broken Bells – Leave It Alone

Morning Music Notes
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Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith is auctioning off the drum kit used in the Super Bowl. Wait, is this the one the band pretended to play? (via NME)

Apparently there’s demand for this – troubled rapper DMX is going to fight George Zimmerman (the man who killed Trayvon Martin) in a celebrity boxing match. This isn’t going to end well. (via Billboard)

This is more expensive than your guitar: a $5 million Stradivarius violin was stolen from the concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. This proves Milwaukee can’t have nice things. On the bright side, 3 people were arrested in connection with the theft. (via The Guardian)

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