Morning Music Notes – An Unnecessary Spectacle

Let’s ignore the Grammy hoopla for a minute. Instead, let’s focus on a new track from the number 1 album on the PeteHatesMusic Top Albums of 2013. The band are Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys, and the brand new track is Arabella.

Arctic-Monkeys - AM
Arabella is a mix of hard rock with an even more classic rock chorus, and Alex Turner’s ever present clever imagery and storytelling. Take a spin with the latest single below.

Arctic Monkeys – Arabella

Morning Music Notes
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The Grammys were last night, if my dozens of tweets last night didn’t clue you in. They were a mix of boredom and unnecessary collaborations (the Grammys, not my tweets). Who wanted to see Robin Thicke perform with Chicago or Kendrick Lamar with Imagine Dragons? Apparently somebody, but no one on social media seemed to care.

The biggest collaboration and talking point was probably Madonna joining Mackelmore and Lewis for the track Same Love, and then 33 same-sex couples getting married, with the wedding officiated by Queen Latifah. I know it sounds like I made all of that up but I didn’t. Not sure how they picked the 33 couples either – some contest through Frito-Lays? Kudos for being forward thinking (if not gimmicky) at least.

The big closing act started off with Nine Inch Nails’ Copy of A, and then segued into My God is the Sun by Queens of the Stone Age. The bands were joined by Dave Grohl and Lindsay Buckingham, but the song was cut short due to the show ending. The credits actually rolled over the song! Trent Reznor was pretty happy about it:

In terms of winning things, the big winner for Album of the Year was Daft Punk for Random Access Memories, with Get Lucky also scooping Record of the Year. Read the entire list of Winners right here.

Pharrell wore a ridiculous hat. I tweeted that someone should make a Pharrell Hat twitter account. Someone did. It’s WAY more popular than I am. I’m not sad and depressed at all…

MTV have made GIFs of some of the highlights, so be sure to check out what you missed.

In non-Grammy news, Prince is suing 22 bootleggers for $1 million each. So much for working with fans or making your live music accessible. (via Consequence of Sound)

Azealia Banks had another Twitter meltdown, notes that she should’ve signed for Sony, or XL Recordings, and wants to be dropped from Universal. How does she still have a record deal? (via Pigeons and Planes)

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