Morning Music Notes – Come On Die Young with our Whiskey

We have some mellow, shoegaze rock for you this morning. The band are Creepoid and they hail from Philadelphia, where it’s always sunny according to the documentary It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (or is that a comedy show?). The band have hit us with their first single, which is called Sunday.

Creepoid - Sunday
Sunday is a a slow, dreamy, almost folky-psychedelic track, that sort of drifts from start to finish. Check out the track by Creepoid below.

Morning Music Notes
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We have Radiohead news! It’s not good news though. The band aren’t recording anything right now! Plans are the album are ‘up in the air’. (via NME)

Mogwai have gone and done what every good band should do – agree to an interview with PeteHatesMusic make a brand of whiskey. There are 324 bottles of their RockAct81w, distilled in September 2004, and bottled this month. The bottle won’t be available in North America, so hopefully the band will send me a bottle when they send back their interview question replies. (via Exclaim)

Neil Young won’t be collaborating with Jack White as rumoured but they are starting a book club. However, Mr. Young will be releasing a new album called A Letter Home. It will come out on Jack White’s Third Man Records label. I can see how that covers album rumour got started…? (via Exclaim)

The Boss (that’s Bruce Springsteen, not my girlfriend) has his 11th Number 1 album on the Billboard charts. Ahead are him for most Number 1’s is Jay-Z with 13 and The Beatles with 19. Springsteen is also releasing an ‘instant bootleg’ series that fans can get on his current tour. So put those bloody iPhones away at shows, please! (via Rolling Stone)

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