Morning Music Notes – This is Not The Rapper You’re Looking For

More new stuff from the tandem of Danger Mouse and James Mercer aka Broken Bells. Following up Holding On For Life is the title track from their second collaborative album – After the Disco.

Broken Bells
Mercer provides a catchy, upbeat chorus, while Danger Mouse does his typically good production work, making the song a toe-tapping and enjoyable. After the Disco (the album) is out February 4.

Morning Music Notes
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Could Mace Windu from Star Wars Episodes 1-3 been played by slain West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur? According to Rick Clifford, chief engineer at Death Row Records, Tupac read for George Lucas regarding the role (which eventually went to Samuel L Jackson). Jedi use holograms to communicate, and Tupac got turned into a hologram, so I think it can still be done! (via the Guardian)

Hologram Tupac in Star Wars

Tupac has released a whack of posthumous albums, fueling rumours that he’s still alive. If he shows up in the new Star Wars movie, then I’ll believe it. A posthumous album that hasn’t been well received – Drake’s planned Aaliyah album. Drake dropped a track, Enough Said, with a ‘new’ chorus from her, and noted he had a new Aaliyah album in the works. No one seemed happy, and the producer of the project, Noah ’40’ Shebib, said the album will not surface due to the negative stigma around the project. (via NME)

The virtual currency Coinye West might not be joining Bitcoin after all, as Kanye West’s lawyers have filed a cease-and-desist order against the creators. Maybe he could negotiate getting millions at coins before the value soars to make up for it? (via Billboard)

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