Morning Music Notes – Bound 2 Wear Adidas

The touring behemoth that are Muse put on one hell of a live show – definitely top 5 in my very big books. They have a new video from their Live At Rome Olympic Stadium concert movie.

Muse - Starlight - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium - YouTube screen cap
The film was shot in 4k ‘ultra high definition’, which also means nothing to me. The last song in the show was Starlight, which is the video we have for you today. There’s not many things cooler than watching thousands of people clap the unorthodox beat to the opening of Starlight. Well, you could be millionaire Matt Bellamy and watch fans clap back the song that you wrote – now that would be cooler. Bellamy and the gang pull out all the rock tricks, with the added bonus of some cool cinematography shots (mic camera anyone?). Check it out below and revise your shitty live show set up.

Muse – Starlight (live in Rome)

Morning Music Notes
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Kanye West is keeping busy. Besides being awesomely spoofed by Seth Rogen and James Franco (video below if you’re one of ten people who haven’t seen it), he thinks he might have a new solo album out by next summer. In terms of a follow up to G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer compilation amid rumours of a Cruel Winter follow up, he notes that he keeps missing winter. Well, check your calendar Kanye – you’re in luck! A follow up to Watch the Throne with Jay-Z might happen, too. (via Exclaim)

Seth Rogen and James Franco – Bound 3

Kanye West also has a deal with Adidas, and has ditched Nike. His shoe might be called a Yeezi. He also needed the Adidas deal for more money since he has a daughter to feed. Um, yeah. (via Consequence of Sound)

UK’s small gigs are getting an Independent Venue Week, and being supported by Radiohead and Frank Turner. It’s unclear whether that translates into live gigs by them or just verbal support, but it’s cool none the less. 19 venues will play host to 6 days of music across the UK. (via NME)

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