Morning Music Notes – No Sleep Til Prison

Kings of Leon continue their comeback with an epic new video from recent release Mechanical Bull. The track that gets the slick video treatment is the lengthy ballad Beautiful War.

Kings Of Leon - Beautiful War - YouTube screen cap
The video does both an excellent job of telling a story, and sticking to the lyrical themes of the track. The video tells two stories in parallel, which CONFUSED THE HELL OUT OF ME. After 15 viewings, I can feel confident in posting it now that I understand it. It’s about time travel, right? Check out the ballad and accompanying video below.

Kings of Leon – Beautiful War

Morning Music Notes
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Bruce Springsteen fans will get a new album from the singer in January 2014. The album is called High Hopes, and will be a mix of new music, covers, and reworkings of old songs. You’re not throwing in the towel, are you Bruce? Bonus: A new version of the Ghost of Tom Joad will feature Tom Morello aka guitar god from Rage Against the Machine (who also covered that Springsteen song). Okay, Bruce ain’t throwing in the towel. (via Consequence of Sound)

Have you seen the viral video that is toy company GoldieBlox’s latest commercial? It uses the Beastie Boys’ song Girls, and the Brooklyn rappers don’t like it – to the point where they are threatening the company with a copyright infringement lawsuit. Besides, MCA’s will also noted that none of their songs should be used in commercials. GoldieBlox says that the song is being used as a parody as is protected by Fair Use Doctrine. (via Pitchfork)

Queens of the Stone Age are releasing a 3-song acoustic EP called …Like Cologne. In this case, they refer to the German city where the tracks were recorded and not the scent I use to drive women away on dates. It’s available on Spotify for those who are interested. (via NME)

Besides confusing scientists regarding his age, Mick Jagger is about to do something else (well, his offspring are). Mick Jagger will be a great grandfather in early 2014. Jagger, father of 7 children (that he knows about) and 4 grandchildren now has his granddaughter Assisi to thank. (via Consequence of Sound)

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