Morning Music Notes – It’s Hard Out Here for a Blogger

Mischievous British singer Lily Allen is back with a controversial new tune. After making babies, she’s ready to made some new music and stir up the scene. With her lyrical bombshells in comeback single Hard Out Here, she’s seemingly done that.

Lily Allen - Hard Out Here (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap
The often lyrically clever Allen takes aim at sexism in her rah rah feminist anthem – don’t we have enough of those songs already? It’s unclear if the track Hard Out Here is a standalone single or off of an upcoming new album. Check it out below (mildly NSFW).

Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

Morning Music Notes
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Did Jack White die? No, but the 38 year old is getting a tribute album. On November 19th, we get Rockin’ Legends Pay Tribute to Jack White, featuring Wanda Jackson, Gary U.S. Bonds, Sonny Burgess, Big Jay McNeely, and others. (via Consequence of Sound)

So why did Azealia Banks’ new song ATM Jam (which didn’t get posted on PHM) flop? Because it wasn’t posted on PHM! Banks blames Pharrell Williams. You know, the guy who had not one but two songs form the summer soundtrack for the planet (Daft Punk’s Get Lucky and Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines). “The reason ‘ATM Jam’ did poorly is because Pharrell changed his mind about wanting to be associated with me after he had his lite skin comeback,” she said on Twitter (since been deleted), adding “But fuck it what’s new? Azealia banks having to scrape claw and fight for what she wants. This is normal for me now.” (via NME)

Not everyone wants a tribute album or a greatest hits package though. The Killers definitely didn’t want it, and claim it was made because the record label forced them to release one. Drummer Ronnie Vannucci said “it feels like a douchie move.” (via Gigwise)

Live Nation has made another splash in the touring world, and have reportedly purchased Principle Management, run by U2 manager Paul McGuinnes, and Maverick, run by Madonna manager Guy Oseary. Live Nation already had ticketing agreements with the two, but now owns the management companies and can do what they wish. Free candy on tour? Sounds good to me. (via Hypebot)

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