Morning Music Notes – Lady Gaga to Return to Home Planet

You know it’s a good day when you can post brand new music from The National. The band already released one of the best albums of 2013. Now, they’ve followed it up with their contribution to the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire.

hunter-games-catching-fire OST
The track is called Lean, which describes the end process of the Hunger Games should you not win any food. The track features some strings and is a typically dark song, with stand out vocals from Matt Beringer. Give it a listen while you re-read all of those Hunger Games books.

Morning Music Notes
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Arcade Fire have followed up their US number one album The Suburbs with another number one album, Reflektor. It sold 140,000 albums, compared with 156,000 for The Suburbs. Meanwhile, Raptor mascot Drake’s recent album Nothing Was The Same has now sold 1 million copies. (via Billboard)

Next Tuesday, I was supposed to get a Brazilian wax see Kanye West. Instead, I’ll search around in my couch for spare change, as Kanye West has rescheduled his Toronto shows (to Dec 22/23) and a whole bunch of other dates, thanks to a truck accident that damaged his LED screens and touring equipment. Some dates, such as Vancouver and Montreal, have been cancelled completely. Yay Toronto?

In a headline that has seemed inevitable for years, Lady Gaga will perform a show in space. In 2015, she will board a Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two and perform in zero gravity. Not sure if this will make lip syncing any harder or not. (via Crave)

Google is up to a few things, as always. Their futuristic computerized Google Glass will be available with prescription lenses in ‘early 2014′. No word on any pricing or how dorky you will look in them. Also, Google’s mysterious barges floating in the waters outside of California and Maine – are they data centres? No, silly rabbit – water will ruin them. They will simply be “an interactive space where people can learn about new technology.’ Well that’s boring now, isn’t it? (via Digital Trends)

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