Watch! Metric – Synthetica

Maybe it’s because the album came out in 2012, maybe it’s because the album has had a ton of singles, or maybe it’s because I saw them live in the fall of 2012, but it seems like Metric’s Synthetica album has been out forever. That being said, the Toronto indie rockers have a new video for the title track, Synthetica (I thought I’d spell it out in case you’re not paying attention).

Metric - Synthetica via YouTube screen cap
If you like Emily Haines, then this video is for you, as there are multiple copies of her. She’s a Cylon! (sorry, I’m working my way through the Battlestar Galactica DVDs right now). The video might be promoting last year’s Synthetica, but it’s also promoting the November 12 release of Synthetica Reflections, which is an instrumental remake of the album. I guess that’s why Haines has 4 copies of herself in the new video, as she’s cast out in the remade album. Check out a weird and arty video for one of the standout tracks from last year’s Synthetica.

Metric – Synthetica

(via Rolling Stone)

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