Morning Music Notes – Beck for More

Scottish instrumental rockers Mogwai are back. As a follow up to their 2011 album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will and their recent soundtrack work, the band have announced Rave Tapes for January 21, 2014.

Mogwai - Rave-Tapes
Rave Tapes will contain 10 tracks, including the one below, Remurdered (which is what a few people would like to do to me; well, after they murder me first). The track builds slowly with a synth beat before everything else comes in and kicks it to the next level. Check it out below.

Morning Music Notes
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Great news – Beck has announced a new album. It’s called Morning Phase (which is a phase that I hate), and is out February 2014. It’s the long awaited follow up to 2008’s Modern Guilt, and “has been described as a companion piece of sorts” to the epic and unexpected Sea Change album. Yes please! (via Consequence of Sound)

If Yeezus left you wanting more gummi bears, good news – Kanye West might release 5 outtakes from the sessions. Kanye West and his mountain roll into Toronto on November 12 (via NME)

Pharrell Williams is teaming with film composer Hans Zimmer to score The Amazing Spiderman 2. If you think this is weird and might not work, you might be surprised to learn this isn’t the first time they teamed up. Remember Milli Vanilli?! Despicable Me and Man of Steel had them surprising people with their collaborative efforts. Let’s break Daft Punk into the fold and really kick things to the next level… (via Consequence of Sound)

SoundCloud (the YouTube of audio) is used daily by me, and used by 250 million people each month. Will they continue to reach the mainstream and become the audio platform of the Internet? (via Tech Crunch)

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