Listen! Arcade Fire – Reflektor (entire album)

After weeks of teasing us with song snippets, intriguing videos, and some cool music videos, the behemoth that is Arcade Fire have put up their new album in full. The album is, of course, Reflektor, and is scheduled to be out next week. You can stream the whole thing below.

But Pete, what’s this weird video playing with the album? Remember how Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz synch up? Well…that’s not the case here. The video is a 1959 film called Black Orpheus. Check it out below, and as a reminder, here’s the tracklist:

Arcade Fire – Reflektor Tracklist
Disc 1
01. Reflektor
02. We Exist
03. Flashbulb Eyes
04. Here Comes the Night Time
05. Normal Person
06. You Already Know
07. Joan of Arc

Disc 2
01. Here Comes the Night Time II
02. Awful Sound (Oh Erydice)
03. It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)
04. Porno
05. Afterlife
06. Supersymmetry

Arcade Fire – Reflektor (entire album)

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