Listen to 2 Tim Hecker Songs, Have Your Mind Blown

We don’t do album reviews here on PeteHatesMusic – we just post awesome songs we find, interview these artists, see them live, and repeat. I find writing album reviews difficult, and sometimes pretentious, as reviewers try to show off their vocabulary (that being said – I love reading reviews). If I were to review the new Tim Hecker album Virgins, and needed to write 500 words about it, my review would simply be “Wow” written 500 times. Actually, that would be a solid review, no? Anyway, Montreal’s Tim Hecker just dropped his new album, and it’s deservedly getting insanely good reviews.

Tim Hecker - Virgins
The ambient noise artist has a couple more tracks that Paper Bag Records put up for us to drift away to. Actually, don’t drift away – focus on all that is happening. Lots of piano, synth, and “fuzz” behind these songs. The album builds on these themes, and rewards you for diligent and patient listening. Check out the excellent Live Room and the buzzy Stigmata I below. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, please buy Virgins (the album, not the mail order kind) as soon as you have a moment.

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