Listen! Gargle and Bosques de Mi Mente – Absence (entire album)

More stuff from our random instrumental Monday posts. This is a collaboration between Gargle and Bosques de Mi Mente. From the press release, “Bosquesde mi Mente is a Spanish contemporary classical composer, that has been creating minimalist piano pieces over the years. Gargle is a duo from Japan that plays beautiful post-rock ambient with modern classical influences. Absence is their first collaboration from these two artists, a delightful and pleasant record.”

Gargle & Bosques de mi Mente album-cover
The album Absence has a range of sounds, tempos, and emotions. Lots of instruments and sounds are brought into the mix, including ones that don’t seem like they’ll necessarily fit or sound good (such as the bells on the first track Bell), but they make them fit. Same with some of the tempos and tempo changes – seemingly awkward, but in hindsight, they are progressive and fitting (see: Snow Storm). Make your ears happy and check out the album below.

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