Morning Music Notes – Rihanna Accidentally Uses Twitter for Good

Although this is their debut single, you might have already heard something by Reuben and The Dark here on PeteHatesMusic. The five-piece Calgary band, signed to Toronto label Arts & Crafts, and their song Shoulderblade was featured a few months ago. Now you can check out their lead single, Rolling Stone.

Reuben and the Dark - Rolling Stone
The indie folk track is out today (ahhh!) and the band are currently on a little tour. Check out their website to see where they can see you see them, and then listen to their single below.

Morning Music Notes

Austin City Limits was almost cancelled when PHM contributor Millar and I were driving 3 long days from Toronto to Texas back in 2005, thanks to Hurricane Rita. A few bands cancelled, but the show went on, and was one giant dust storm on the festival grounds. Unfortunately, weather cancelled day 3 on Sunday this year, but this meant Atoms for Peace scrambled to find a replacement venue, and live streamed their show. The website of the Thom Yorke / Flea supergroup can be viewed below (and a review of their Brooklyn show a couple of weeks earlier can be found here)

Atoms for Peace at ACL Live

Flying Lotus has been helping Kendrick Lamar out as part of his Kanye West tour. Does this mean he’ll make an appearance at some or all of the shows? Toronto is pretty awesome in November – just sayin’.

A Rihanna tweet about a live sex show she saw in Thailand led to an arrest in these llegal sex shows. Even though it was by accident, Rihanna did something beneficial to society for once! (via The Guardian)

Damon Albarn is heading to Mali with Brian Eno, Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Holy Other, and Idris Elba (from The Wire) to make an album with local Mali musicians. Albarn did something similar last year with his African Express project. (via Pitchfork)

It’s 34 seconds with very little music, but it’s another Arcade Fire teaser for what’s bound to be a great album – Reflektor. The band are also playing shows in Brooklyn October 18 and 19 – but where?!

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