Friday Afternoon Funnies: Miley Cyrus Without the Music

Miley Cyrus has been getting a lot of press these days. We’ll not comment on what the Twerkacyrus Rex has been up to lately, but instead we’ll feature her in this week’s edition of Friday Afternoon Funnies.

Music Videos Without Music- We Can't Stop - CollegeHumor Video screen cap
The fine folks at College Humor have cooked up a new video. It’s sort of like the Shreds we featured with the Rolling Stones a couple of months ago. In those videos, they replaced the music and lyrics with an outside source, making the original video look outrageous. College Humor took out the music and well, okay, it’s sort of the exact same thing. Actually, they left in the vocals, stripped away the music, and play up all of the background sound effects. It makes for some pretty funny viewing. Check out Miley Cyrus and music without music in this week’s Friday Afternoon Funnies. Enjoy your Thanksgiving long weekend, Canadians.

Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop (without the music)

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