Morning Music Notes – Breaking BroADway

Eminem has a new video that is a nice plug for video game Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game features the new Eminem track Survival, and the video features footage of the game in the background, which Eminem sort of, maybe does Call of Duty-esque stuff (okay, he’s just in a warehouse).

Eminem - Survival (Explicit) - YouTube screen cap
The track tries to be a bit of an anthem, like Lose Yourself, but features a female vocalist during the pump-you-up chorus. The track will also appear on MMLP2 alongside recent 80s-esque track, Berzerk. Give it a viewing, perhaps on your XBox, below.

Eminem – Survival

Morning Music Notes

Breaking Bad: The Musical? It might happen next year, and would apparently be based on one of the final episodes, Ozymandias. (via Gigwise)

Kanye West has avoided jail time for his brouhaha with a photographer at LAX. Instead, he has to stay 10 metres away from Daniel Ramos at all times – not sure if it’s a two way street. Speaking of brouhahas, Kanye West will appear on Jimmy Kimmel tonight after freaking out (or staging a fake rant) on Twitter. It’s unclear if he’ll perform, do an interview, or break stuff (via Exclaim)

A report out of the London School of Economics finds that piracy and digital filesharing hasn’t had a negative impact on music revenues. Atoms for Peace member and Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich strongly disagrees, saying “The recorded music industry has been so decimated by piracy that the only way for artists to survive is by gaining visibility at any cost, which includes allowing piracy itself, or virtual piracy like subscription streaming services, and earning from other means like merchandise or concert tickets, none of which are ‘content’.” (via NME)

The James Mercer and Danger Mouse group Broken Bells is prepping a new album for January 2014. The Shins singer and Gorillaz/Black Keys producer and Gnarls Barkley member are following up their self titled debut with After the Disco, which already sounds awesome. Watch a minute preview below.

Broken Bells – After The Disco

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