Morning Music Notes – Blur-asis

We have some slacker rock for you, that sounds a bit like Father John Misty in the delivery. The band are Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts and they have a track called Star Crawl. The track is lifted from upcoming album, Nature Noir.

Crystal Stilts -Star Crawl- (Official Music Video) - YouTube screen cap
This video is anything but Nature Noir – it’s full of messed up colours mixed in nature. Check out the colours below.

Crystal Stilts – Star Crawl

Morning Music Notes

Jack White is now an Honorary Dean at the Fermatta Music Academy in Mexico City. Next? The Smokey Bear Fire Prevention Award! (via Rolling Stone)

Remember Neil Young’s portable music player for high quality audios, and none of that MP3 bullshit? Well, it’s called Pono and it’ll be here ‘soon’. (via Slash Gear)

Collaborations Part 1: Adele recorded a track with Wiz Khalifa. This could be interesting (via Guardian)

Collaborations Part 2: Noel Gallagher has noted that he is interested in doing something with Damon Albarn. Attaching yourself with a more successful artist is always a good strategy (via NME)

Are you a musician looking to host some music to license for TV, ads, or my background blog music? Check out SourceAudio, a start up that just raised $1.2 million in funding (via Tech Crunch)

Ever wonder which festival gives you the best bang for buck? This isn’t answered 100%, but NerdWallet drilled down on Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, and Outside Lands to see which festival had the pricier artists and good value for the ticket price. The winner? Austin City Limits. (via NerdWallet)

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