Morning Music Notes – Forget the Kids, What About Bob Dylan’s Hair?

We have an artistic new video from Agnel Obel to kick off your Friday. We know it’s artsy because it’s in black and white. The track is called The Curse, and is off of upcoming sophomore album, Aventine.

Agnes Obel - The Curse (Official Video) - YouTube screen cao
The Curse has some amazing vocals, some subtle strings – later complimented by piano, and a minimalist sound, all of which make for an excellent track. Make your ears happy and check out The Curse by Agnel Obel.

Agnes Obel – The Curse

Morning Music Notes

This is one of those stories that sounds like it’s going to be followed by a statement by Dan Auerbach saying that it’s not true. A story making the rounds yesterday notes that Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys has to give up his lock of Bob Dylan’s hair to his ex-wife as part of the divorce settlement. I’d rather he give up that than give drummer Patrick Carney (via The Guardian) and Spotify have teamed up. You can’t stream online dates (although that sounds like a million dollar idea) – yet. But the companies did do a survey and found that music is “an integral part of their date-night prep”. Putting on a girdle is an integral part of my pre-date routine. Pfft, as if I date. Check out some more survey findings (via Digital Trends)

I get that Daft Punk’s Get Lucky is a good song and arguably the song of the summer. But people apparently aren’t sick of hearing it 20 times a day – the track just rolled over 100 million listens on Spotify. This goes along with over 100 million YouTube views, too (via Gigwise)

Rapper 2 Chainz got tired of having his tour bus getting searched by police for weed, so he decided to do something about it. Instead of smoking all the drugs at once, he decided to have the bus refuse the officers entry onto the bus. This caused a 9 hour police standoff, as 2 Chainz and his crew locked the bus and insisted on a search warrant. That takes balls (via The Guardian)

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