Weekend Music: Klangkarussell – Sternenkinder

Klangkarussell, which translates to Carousel Sound (thank you Google Translate!) have mysteriously appeared out of nowhere with year-old material that is exceptionally good! And by mysteriously appearing out of nowhere, I mean: I have been living under a rock and have never heard of them.

Rob Da Bank’s BBCR1 show played a mix from these guys last week that included this track. Most of the material on the show was created in 2012 or earlier, so I’m not really certain what happened that made these guys suddenly get all this attention… not that they need it – their most recent release Sonnentanz has 20,000,000+ views on Youtube.

Klangkarussell's Twitter Feed

Even their Twitter account appears to have popped up out of nowhere after a full year hiatus…

Anyway, how it took a year for us to find this is irrelevant… just happy that they popped back up on the grid and we were introduced to their music – because it is spectacular.

Sit back and make your ears happy on Klangkarussell.




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