Morning Music Notes – I Bet You Look Good on Open Mic Night

We caught Irish folk rock band Villagers a couple of times at NXNE, including a solo acoustic set. They have a new video for a track off of their sophomore album, Away Land.

Villagers - -Earthly Pleasure- (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap
The track is Earthly Pleasures, which Martians will likely never get to experience – UNLESS THEY INVADE. The video is a fairly literal interpretation of the odd lyrics to the song. Get your morning started this some weirdness below.

Villagers – Earthly Pleasures

Morning Music Notes

One of my favourite electronic acts, The Field (who cracked our albums of 2011), will return with his fourth album on September 30. It will be called Cupid’s Head and it will probably be awesome (via Exclaim)

Arcade Fire have once again randomly tweeted a fan. They first did it to announce their new album – bombshell! – and now they did it to announce some tour dates. The band will play Big Day Out in Australia and New Zealand in January 2014. After that, who the fuck knows – start tweeting at the band to find out I suppose (via NME)

Blasphemy for Batman fans – Drake gets re-imagined as The Caped Crusader in a new cover for his biographical comic book (via Exclaim)

Singer Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys found inspiration in stand up comedian Louis CK? (via NME)

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