Watch! La Luz – Brainwash

Some female surf pop punk for you. The band are Seattle four-piece La Luz, and they have some female harmonies to throw at you. We have a track called Brainwash (which is what I’ve clearly done to you if you’ve been to this site more than once). The track is off of the Brainwash 7″, which is out now and also features the track T.V. Dream.

La Luz - Brainwash (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - YouTube screen cap
Brainwash is reminiscent of 60s and 70s styled female doo-wop bands, but with a feeling of urgency that comes with brainwashing. That’s me trying (and failing) to be poetic. Let’s leave the art to the artists – check out La Luz and Brainwash below.

La Luz – Brainwash

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