Morning Music Notes – Phantom of the Ropera

Franz Ferdinand dropped two singles on us on the same now. Right Action has already seen a video. Next up is Love Illumination, which is yet another eccentric video from the Scots.

Video- Franz Ferdinand- -Love Illumination- via Vevo screen cap
The band play in a small, black and white tiled Alice in Wonderland-esque low ceiling room, featuring some outrageous costumes, horse masks borrowed from the Harlem Shake, and other oddities. Check out the rock track below.

Franz Ferdinand – Love Illumination

Morning Music Notes

I have a Nexus 7 tablet and am quite happy with it. Yesterday, Google announced the updated Nexus 7 with super high resolution, more colours, 1080p video, and all that jazz. What Google also announced what the Chromecast, which is a HDMI plug in for your TV, meaning you can play music and movies from any of your Android (or Apple) devices through wifi onto your TV and stereo. Bonus? Only $35! (via Slash Gear)

Remember back in August 2012, when we introduced you to UK teenage phenom King Krule? It seems the world is catching up ahead of his debut album, as Beyonce and Earl Sweatshirt are noted fans of his (via Billboard)

In a fairly classy move, Live Nation are switching to locally grown produce and meat certified by the Humane Society for the 38 amphitheatres they own and operate. If only the ticketing giant would kick some of their convenience fees, then everyone would laud them (via Hypebot)

Producer of the new Arcade Fire record James Murphy calms fears that it is not a ropera (rock opera). Then why did they name the album Phantom of the Ropera? (via MTV)

The formerly hyphened artist Jay Z is number one on Billboard for a second straight week. This is after he slammed Billboard for being irrevelant. Make they should ‘lose’ some of his sales data (via Hollywood Reporter)

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