Morning Music Notes – Can I Get A…Hyphen Removed?

London duo Summer Camp have the perfect disco-esque tune for your summer camp or whatever it’s called that you’re doing around all those young children. The song is fresh and it’s called, um, Fresh.

Summer Camp - Fresh (Lyric Video) - YouTube screen cap
It’s a lyric video that looks like it knicked footage from the Disney archives. Summer Camp release their self-titled second album this September.

Summer Camp – Fresh

Morning Music Notes

So Jay-Z is apparently only Jay Z now. What’s missing? The hyphen? Next question: what the hell is a hyphen? On a side note, I am not updating all of the tags on PeteHatesMusic, so you’re Jay-Z forever. (via MTV)

The best part about Jay-Z being Jay Z is the parody Twitter account, @JayZsHyphen.

Good news for fans of train wrecks – Courtney Love not only has a new album in the works, but also a memoir. I hope she touches on her appearance in Neil Strauss’ book The Game. Oh, and that rock star husband of hers. (via Billboard)

Further proof that if you hold onto all of your old possessions, they will eventually be worth something in the future – the music industry is now having a Cassette Store Day, mimicking that of the popular Record Store Day. Apparently cassette popularity is a real thing, which is good news for my old car’s stereo. It’ll be September 7 and will have special releases by The Flaming Lips, Fucked Up, Haim, and more. (via Consequence of Sound)

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