Morning Music Notes – Jay-Z Meets His Album’s Namesake

After a great show at NXNE in Toronto, BRAIDS return with a new video for a track off of Flourish // Perish (which is what I sadistically yell to all my plants). The album is out on August 20.

BRAIDS - -IN KIND- (Official Music Video) - YouTube screen cap
In Kind is a nearly 8 minute track that floats along with a video filled with great images and of course Raphaelle Standell-Preston from BRAIDS. Give it a viewing below.

BRAIDS – In Kind

Morning Music Notes

Montreal’s Tim Hecker, who makes lovely electronic and ambient songs, has announced a new album. It’s named after what me and my readers are – Virgins. The album will be out October 14 and will likely be awesome.

Atoms for Peace are going to stream (well, slightly delay broadcasting) their London Roundhouse gig using Soundhalo mobile app footage. What is Soundhalo? Well, we wrote about it several months ago – seems very promising. Basically, it’s designed to make you put away your phone at a gig. Atoms for Peace perform July 24 and 25 and will test out the app (via NME)

Fans who must collect everything Nine Inch Nails puts out are in trouble – they have announced their new album Hesitation Marks will have four different covers. One even has some blood in it. Cool? (via Rolling Stone)

The New York Post claims Liam Gallagher had a kid with an American journalist. He obviously denies this. Next step? SUE THE NEW YORK POST. Good thing that song “I had a kid with a journalist” is buried as a B-side. (via Guardian)

Magna Carta, meet the man behind Magna Carta Holy Grail. Jay-Z visited the Magna Carta in Salisbury Cathedral when he was over in the UK last week. Good luck in your search for the Holy Grail, Hova. (via NME)

The Gaslamp Killer, maker of some awesome tracks, nearly died in a scooter accident recently. Read the first hand account of what happened (via LA Weekly)

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