Morning Music Notes – Sorry Awesome Band, We Don’t Want You at Glastonbury

As a reminder, PeteHatesMusic is kicking off a new style of Morning Music Notes this week, so that we can focus more time on in-depth pieces. This means a shorter Morning Music Notes. We’ll still hit you with a video and some news, but it’ll be more link based and less “read our hilarious commentary” styled. But it’s still sort of funny, right? Dig in below.

Ducktails - Under Cover (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap
Sometimes I think there’s not enough saxophone in songs in indie music these days. Then a band like Ducktails comes along and helps fill the imaginary quota that I have. The track is called Under Cover, which is off of Flower Lane. Watch the van rental debate in the track below.

Ducktails – Under Cover

Morning Music Notes

Cold Cave cancelled their shows in Toronto (last night) and Montreal because the opening act – Boyd Rice – allegedly has Nazi affiliations?! Should a show be pulled because of this? Discuss! (via Chart Attack)

The National claim they wanted to play Glastonbury, but were turned down. Um, hello festival bookers – they are pretty great live (via Gigwise)

Everyone’s favourite intellect,, has threatened to sue Pharrell Williams for using the phrase “i am OTHER” for a new brand and logo. claims he owns the “I AM” phrase. Um, yeah. I guess he’d better sue Molson for their “I am Canadian” slogan, too. (via Gigwise)

Did Bruce Springsteen help bring down the Berlin Wall? Read the book and find out, you lazy bugger! (via Yahoo)

Canadian book store Indigo will have some small pop-up Apple Shops in its bookstores starting next year. This puts the iPad in competition with the company’s Kobo reader. The Apple strategy is partly because book sales have dropped 10% in the past 5 years (via iPhone in Canada)

Did pop culture help change the face of the same-sex marriage debate? Find out with some infographics (and pesky words) (via Wired)

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