Morning Music Notes – Meet Kanye Jetson

As a reminder, PeteHatesMusic is kicking off a new style of Morning Music Notes this week, so that we can focus more time on in-depth pieces. This means a shorter Morning Music Notes. We’ll still hit you with a video and some news, but it’ll be more link based and less “read our hilarious commentary” styled. Thanks for reading.

Barack Obama “Sings” Daft Punk’s Get Lucky

daft-punk-get-lucky-612x612 (1)

This is sort of ridiculous but really well done. Not sure who spent dozens (hundreds?) of hours watching this footage, but good job. We have a video of President Barack Obama singing Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, courtesy of some smooth editing. Check it out below, and hope he does a surprise appearance at a future Washington D.C. Daft Punk gig.

Morning Music Notes

Tupac: The Musical. Yes, this is happening on Broadway. (via Hollywood Reporter)

We learned yesterday that Jay-Z references Nirvana. Well, here are those lyrics (via Stereogum)

Hamilton has a free festival in September called Supercrawl. And like Hamilton’s welfare lineup, Supercrawl also has a great lineup. Bands playing on September 13/14 include Young Galaxy, Doldrums, Yo La Tengo, Fucked Up, Diamond Rings, PS I Love You, METZ, and more. Find out more about the venues and line up here.

The Isle of Mann festival is cancelled. Organizers blame the island location. So much for quirkiness. (via Guardian)

Tom Morello has covered Bruce Springsteen in Rage Against the Machine. Now Morello is helping Springsteen with his new album. Rock on! (via Gigwise)

Dumb and Dumber 2 is finally happening. It’ll have Empire of the Sun as soundtrack creators, too. (via NME)

Apparently Kanye West is still the creative director of the Jetsons movie. What the hell? (via Pitchfork)

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