Watch! Poliça – Tiff (featuring Justin Vernon)

Earlier this year, we posted the collaboration between Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon with Poliça, known for their cool little hook on the letter c in their band name. Fortunately their music is cooler than the ç, and we heard the exciting track Tiff, not named after the Toronto International Film Festival, right?

Poliça - -Tiff- (featuring Justin Vernon) (Official Music Video) - YouTube screen cap
We have a torture-filled video, which is pretty much how I imagine visits to the dentist are. I’ve never been to the dentist since I’m so scared. I now sort of look like Lisa Simpson if she didn’t get braces. I suppose a dark song deserves a dark video. Check it out below and look out for the upcoming album by Poliça.

Poliça – Tiff (featuring Justin Vernon)

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