Morning Music Notes – Is There Anything Jack White Can’t Do?

Jack White Saves the Day; Well, At Least a Masonic Temple

Besides being in about 40 rock bands and owning a record company, Jack White does other music-related things on top of those duties, including this tale. A mysterious donor paid $142,000 in back taxes owed by the Detroit Masonic Temple. This donation helped stop its foreclosure. It turns out the donor was none other than Detroit’s favourite son, Jack White (via Consequence of Sound).

White has a bit of history with the Temple – it’s where he lost his virginity played with The White Stripes and as a solo artist. Plus his mom conceived Jack there worked there as an usher, and you gotta watch out for mom. The Masonic Temple Association has now renamed its Cathedral Theatre “Jack White Theatre”. It’ll be awkward when Jack headlines that venue.

Man Stabbed Over Lionel Richie Song

I have heard Lionel Richie songs on the radio before and wanted to stab myself to escape the situation. However, it stops becoming funny when Lionel Richie songs make you want to stab someone else. That is exactly what happened in Aberdare in Wales. Two guys met after a pub night out and went back to smoke and drink, when a Lionel Richie song came on. The 19 year old Corey Thomas has been given a life sentence for stabbing 45 year old Andrew Male 18 times. The unnamed Richie song was played at Thomas’ grandfather’s funeral, and Male’s derogatory comments sent Thomas into a rage (via Gigwise). Lionel Richie has yet to comment, but what can he really say?

Samsung and Jay-Z Prepping Some Kind of Music Streaming Service?

It seems like getting music stars to get involved in music streaming services is all the rage. We have Trent Reznor and Dr. Dre prepping their Daisy service. There are now rumours that say Jay-Z is about to sign a $20 million deal with Samsung to providing a streaming service to Korean phone and tablet services (via Slash). No exact details are known – these are just rumours after all. Sorry folks.

Listen! Lone – Airglow Fires

Lone - Airglow Fires
A little something more upbeat to kick off your morning. The track is called Airglow Fires and is by Lone. We have a dancey, synthy, almost jazzy instrumental song for you. It’s genre crossing, that’s for sure. Check out the instrumental track below, and watch out for the 12″ by Lone on July 9.

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