Watch! Atoms for Peace – Rabbit in the Headlights (Rehearsal Footage)

As Atoms for Peace prepare for their tour (of countries not named Canada), singer Thom Yorke is embracing Twitter a little more. He and the band also are using YouTube, providing that 40 year olds CAN use social media tools. The band have been putting up random rehearsal footage, hinting at some gems they might be pulling out over the course of their tour (which doesn’t come to Canada, in case you missed that).

Atoms For Peace 6.2 - YouTube screen cap

One such track pulled out of nowhere is the Thom Yorke collaboration with UNKLE. The track, Rabbit in the Headlights, was posted on YouTube and shows Thom at the piano playing the track. It’d be great to hear a live performance of this one. Check out the footage below, and catch them on tour sometime soon (unless you live in Canada and have an adverse to travel).

Atoms for Peace – Rabbit in the Headlights (Rehearsal Footage)

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