Weekend Music: Mala – Changes (Harmonimix Remix)

So… don’t let this freak you out. But this is deep, tense, and brilliant stuff from 2 genius artists: Mala and James Blake. The original is good enough for the typical Weekend Music drivel, but the remix will blow your mind.

James Blake and Mala

James Blake & Mala… staring contest – GO!

Mala is a brilliant electronic musician who is YEARS ahead of everyone else. This guy was releasing dubstep 10 years ago, and just released a classic album with Cuba’s brightest young musical talents… Long story short, whatever this guy releases, you need to hear.

James Blake is probably best known for his soulful falsetto, although it’s good to note that he’s a brilliant producer in his own right. The proof is in this remix of Mala’s Changes.

Here’s the original to make your booty shake.

And here’s the remix to make your brain turn to complete goo.

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