Morning Music Notes – The Man is Getting Me Down

I have a cold, I’m preparing for a move, and today is one of the rare days when I can’t give 100% into my Morning Music Notes. As for the other days when I provide garbage, well, that’s just my style – get used to it.

The Junos: Yup, they happened this weekend. Canadian artists did well. Ignore the fact that it’s a Canadian awards show (most audiences nailed the ignoring part).

Coachella: Yup, Weekend 2 just happened these past 3 days. There were collaborations and lots of sun and booze.

Record Store Day: This was on Saturday. Artists released rarities, while opportunists bought these rarities and are selling them online for 100x the price to the real fans.

Daft Punk: They broke the Spotify record for their new track which you might’ve mistaken for a track by N.E.R.D. Get Lucky (via Gigwise).

Listen! Laura Mvula – She (Robin Hannibal Rework)

Mvula Remixed

Robin Hannibal is from Rhye, who if you haven’t heard their beautiful track Open, I highly recommend that you do. Laura Mvula has some great tracks like Green Garden and That’s Alright. When you combine the two, you get Robin Hannibal’s remix of Laura Mvula’s She. Be sure to check it out below.

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