Listen! FEMME – Daydreamer

We have a catchy and happy groove from FEMME. Who is FEMME? It is Laura Bettinson, who you might recognize as the singer from all the Ultraista stuff we’ve been posting. Since the other two guys in Ultraista – Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker – are out touring for Atoms for Peace, she decided to cook up her own thing. And it’s good.

Femme - Daydreamer

We have an unreleased track as a free download, as part of Laura’s teaming up with adidas NEO to soundtrack their digital campaign. Marketing propaganda aside, we get a great song in Daydreamer. I’m going to try and invent a genre with my description of the song as electro sun pop. It’s basically a feel good song, with great vocals and beats. Make your ears happy and check it out below.

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