Watch! Youth Lagoon – Mute

“Here’s a song you won’t want on mute.” This is the type of sentence you might come to expect from me if I ran a terrible blog (instead of this mediocre blog). However, this is a moot point, as our puns are only of the highest quality. Besides wasting 10 seconds of your life, these first 3 sentences are some kind of intro to the new video for Mute by Youth Lagoon.

Youth Lagoon - Mute (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap

Previously featured on PHM, the track is a 7 minute sonar journey through the psychedelic. Visually, we get a guy doing some wandering, and being drawn to a TV with a scrambled black and white picture of a woman. Wait, didn’t this happen in the documentary The Ring and then the girl CAME OUT OF THE SCREEN?! Anyway, a weird video for an unorthodox yet pretty song.

Youth Lagoon – Mute

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