Friday Afternoon Funnies: Coachella Bootcamp

It’s Coachella weekend (1 of 2, and possibly 1 of 5 if they manage to supersaturate the shit out of it). For some people, that means booking a flight or driving to Indio, California, pitching a tent (guys only, if you know what I mean), and running around seeing bands that people told them were cool. But what about preparation? You didn’t think about that, did you? Well, the drug addicts surely did, but the rest of you might not have.

Coachella Bootcamp via Funny or Die screen cap

Funny or Die also did, and that’s where Coachella Bootcamp comes in. “Vampire Weekend and Social Distortion are playing at the same time – who do you see?” A valid question – but it’s a trick, as you’ll soon discover. The video is soundtracked by The xx and Beach House, so it can’t be bad. TRICK COMMENT! Actually, no it’s not. Check out the video below, in our Friday Afternoon Funnies.

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