Morning Music Notes – Would You ‘Like’ A Facebook Phone?

Young Cats Like Me Are Listening to More Music Online Than On Radio

A new study shows that, based on the final quarter of 2012, people between the age 13 to 35 spent as much time streaming music online or via online radio as I did on my make up they did on old school AM/FM radio (via Digital Trends). The only time I might listen to the radio is when I’m in a car, and I don’t have a car, so it ain’t very often. Also, since when is 13-35 a representative age group? I think 13 year olds are different enough than 35 year olds to have a different data set, no?

51% of the 7,600 people surveyed said the majority of their music listening occurs in the car, which is why AM/FM radio still has a high usage rate. In terms of streaming, Pandora leads the pack with 39% of the group using the free version of Pandora, while 2% paid for it. IHeartRadio is used by 11% of the group, with 9% using Spotify’s free service, and 3% using Grooveshark. And MySpace? Well, um…

Meanwhile, in the UK, revenues from digital music service surpassed radio for the first time ever (via Guardian). Computers might save the music industry?

The revenue increase was helped by deals with Google Play, Xbox and others, which made UK revenues increase 32.2% in 2012 to £51.7m. Live music revenue fell in the UK in 2012, partially because of the Olympics and a lack of the Glastonbury festival. Live events pulled in £19.3m, down 14.2%.

Do You Want a Facebook Phone? Neither Does Anyone Else

Facebook has long been rumoured to release a Facebook Phone, despite the Zuck’s denials. There’s a big press event today, and although it’ll likely be to announce some feature or change to Facebook’s layout that no one wants, people still think it might be to announce this mysterious Facebook Phone. However, a survey done by Retrevo shows that only 3% of people said they would be interested in such a device (via Digital Trends).

Facebook can take some relief in that 15% said they might be interested with more information. But as for the 82% who aren’t at all interested, good luck. A Facebook Phone is about 3 years later than it should be – people are leaving Facebook daily, and the phone market is even more competitive. Hopefully it goes better than their IPO.

Daft Punk Have a New Video Series

If you liked those 2 short snippets of new Daft Punk songs, then you’re going to love this new video. We have 8 minutes of video from The Creators Project, which features discussions with various collaborations on the upcoming Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories. This video features disco dude, Giorgio Moroder, talking about disco and dance music, and of course Daft Punk. He has a fascinating discussion about how particular the French duo are with crafting their sounds – a must watch for Daft Punk fans. Check it out below.

Daft Punk, Random Access Memories – The Collaborators: Giorgio Moroder

Watch! Still Corners – Berlin Lovers

Still Corners - Berlin Lovers [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube screen cap

We have a synth pop track for you this morning to end our notes. The track is called Berlin Lovers, which Hitler and Winston Churchill probably were not. Berlin Lovers is by British duo Still Corners. We get a video with some roller skate love, too. Check it out below.

Still Corners – Berlin Lovers

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