Morning Music Notes – No Guns, No Food, No Cigarettes

Courtney Love Needs Money

Courtney Love, who has been in a 20 year downward spiral, must need some cash, right? After claims of squandering her fortune from husband Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana empire, Courtney Love has turned to commercials. She is now schilling electronic cigarettes from NJOY. She only has one line, and it includes an f-bomb, delivered with that Courtney Love attitude we all know about. The cigarettes produce a vapour and not smoke, so you can smoke them indoors, and be subject to endless complaints and questions that will make you want to smoke a real one outside instead. Check out the ad below.

Mike D Helps Hurricane Sandy Victims with Free Food Truck

There aren’t too many phrases better than the one “Free Food Truck”. Unfortunately, the phrase that precedes it is “Hurricane Sandy destroyed your city and you have no food.” To the rescue was none other than Beastie Boys’ Mike D (via Rolling Stone).

Mike D started a free food truck called Rockaway Plate Lunch. The service is still active, and has served 19,000 meals. Mike D noted that he and restauranteur Robert McKinley saw the destruction and decided to do something about it. “We saw right away all these people living without any power, without any businesses being open and therefore, no food. We saw the immediate need for warm food, but we didn’t have time to put together a long-term cohesive plan; we just had to react quickly. Rob comes from the hotel and restaurant business, and with myself, being involved in a couple of restaurants and just knowing all the friends in that world, we were able to draw on a bunch of these contacts and start bringing food out from restaurants in the city.”

I hope you like your sugar with coffee and cream. Check out a video below.

Rockaway Plate Lunch

Alec Baldwin Interviews Thom Yorke and It’s Awesome

Yes, this hit the web a couple of days ago, but I finally set aside an hour to listen to it and it’s bloody good. Alec Baldwin, with his classic voice, and Thom Yorke, with his classc awesomeness, sat down together and spoke for almost an hour. Baldwin asked the Radiohead and Atoms for Peace singer about touring, making music with Nigel Godrich, making art with Stanley Donwood, and Warp Records (or whatever the fuck he said). You can read the transcript of Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing show over at the WNYC site.

Alec Baldwin Interviews Thom Yorke

Watch! Snoop Lion featuring Drake and Cori B. – No Guns Allowed

Snoop Lion ft. Drake and Cori B. - -No Guns Allowed- (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap

What would 2013 Snoop Lion say to 1993 Snoop Dogg? In a small and gradual image makeover, Snoop Dogg has gone from gangsta rapper to a reggae artist who has made an attempt at a tear-jerking video about gun violence, backed by his song No Guns Allowed. Drake even stops by to rap about what’s going down in the 416 area code here in the T Dot. A lyrically poignant song from Snoop Dogg – who knew? The track is off of upcoming album, Reincarnated, out on April 23. Why not 4/20??

Snoop Lion featuring Drake and Cori B. – No Guns Allowed

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