Watch! Koko Blue – Anchor and Swim

Koko Blue is a musical endeavour from Koko Bonaparte (“Koko”) and Evan Gordon (presumably “Blue”?). The Guelph-based band release their debut album called Crosses and Planks on June 11. Before that, we get a sampling of it with the track Anchor and Swim. I’m noting a nautical theme here (or is it a pirate theme?).

KOKO BLUE - Anchor and Swim on Vimeo screen cap

Anchor and Swim is a laid back, mellow track, perfect for anchoring your boat and going for a swim. Oh, I see what they did with the title! Evan Gordon brings his experience from both The Magic and Islands, while Koko is from Interstllr. Check out the minimalistic track below.

Koko Blue – Anchor and Swim

KOKO BLUE – Anchor and Swim from Koko Bonaparte on Vimeo.

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