Watch! Portugal. the Man – Evil Friends

After a rare off year, Portugal. the Man is back with a new album out this June the 4th. The album is called Evil Friends, which I wish I had, because then I would at least have some friends. It’s sad being me. Good news for lovers of Danger Mouse – the oft-brilliant producer is behind Portugal. the Man’s new album! And now we get our first clue as to how it might sound.

Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends [Official Music Video] - YouTube screen cap

The new track is the title track, which is Evil Friends for those of you with horribly short memories. Maybe this is why I have no friends? We get some in-your-face guitar rock and a catchy hook – both things I am a fan of. Check it out below and feel like you too are wearing night vision goggles.

Portugal. the Man – Evil Friends

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