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Hiatus? What hiatus?! Foo Fighters Recording New Album

Dave Grohl must hate his family. What other excuse can he have when he tours relentlessly with the Foo Fighters, drums on anyone’s album who asks him, makes a documentary about Sound City Studios, forms a super group with some of the Sound City musicians, and then finally asks for a hiatus from Foo Fighters, only to change his mind 4 months later?! At the Brit Awards on Wednesday night, Dave Grohl said “I return to Los Angeles tomorrow to start work on a Foo Fighters record” (via Kerrang).

That’s right – album number 8 from Foo Fighters shouldn’t be too too far away. Brace yourself for the impending divorce news for Dave Grohl and his wife, too.

YouTube Views Now Count Towards Billboard Hot 100

When chart makers Billboard make their Hot 100 from now on, it’ll take YouTube views into account (via Digital Trends). This ain’t your grandpa’s Billboard magazine. The charts have been made for 55 years by Billboard, but now a huge shift is about to take play because of this new online data source. So the next time some random Korean pop song gets a billion views, you’d better believe that Billboard’s charts will reflect this.

Frank Ocean Records With Depeche Mode

A lot of people seem excited about this news, but I am treading with caution. R&B singer Frank Ocean has recorded a song with 80s legends Depeche Mode (via Consequence of Sound). Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan said that the band found themselves in a studio near Frank Ocean, who came over to them and admitted he was a big fan. The band then went to Ocean’s studio, where there were hopefully no parking lot fights with Chris Brown, where Gahan noted they “did some electronics and some modular synthesizer stuff he (Ocean) really wanted, which I think is going to be part of his new record.” Stay tuned to see if that comes to fruition.

Watch! Light Heat – And The Birds…

Light Heat

Here is an organ-led song that sounds like it’s plucked right from the 1960s. The act is Light Heat, who is Philadelphia-based Quentin Stolzfus (via Stereogum). The debut single is called And The Birds…, and the suspense that those 3 dots induce just kills me. And the birds WHAT?! Light Heat is out on June 25.

Light Heat – And The Birds…

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