Weekend Catch Up: Daughter – Home

Welcome to the PeteHatesMusic Weekend Catch Up, where we present you with some great songs that didn’t come out this week, but you definitely need to hear.


Not one but two great tracks from London indie folk band, Daughter. The band started off with singer Elena Tonra before expanding to a trio. They released three EPs before their debut full length album last year. The first track we want to showcase is the lead track from 2011’s The Wild Youth. The track is the slow building yet ethereal track, Home. (Note: If I have any daughters, home is where they will be staying.)

Even though we agreed to put only one video per post for this segment, I feel like breaking the rules I wouldn’t be doing Daughter justice if I didn’t include another of their tracks that caught my ear(s). This track is called Candles, and is taken from their debut EP, His Young Heart. The acoustic track is upbeat at times, and once again highlights the delicate vocals of Elena. Check it out below.

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