Weekend Music – Pure Joy from Solange and Cyril Hahn

Cyril Hahn

PHM heart added for effect.

Here’s the setup:

Cyril Hahn is a DJ and producer from Vancouver (originally from Bern) who has the golden touch. He has taken a few dozen gorgeous radio-friendly pop tracks and remixed them into pure joy.

Solange is a favourite of PeteHatesMusic. Her debut EP TRUE has some amazing music on it, and when NME describes your music as: something that sounds different to everything on the radio, but could still be on the radio – you know you’re listening to something interesting. Our take: we are hearing the start of a career that straddles street cred and superstardom. Also, she’s Beyoncé’s sister. Impressive.

Put these 2 forces together and you get this; easily the happiest weekend music post of the year.


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