Watch! Elliphant – Down on Life

There’s something about Sweden and producing some good pop tunes. This brings us to Elliphant and the MC’s new track, Down on Life (which I’m sure is fitting for readers of this blog).

Elliphant -Down On Life- (Official Music Video) - via YouTube screen cap

The video features Elliphant and her gang riding some elephants horses on the beach, which sounds like it’s better than blogging about riding horses on a beach. The track sounds a bit like Nikki & the Dove (also from Sweden!) mixed with Santigold (as YouTube commenters have aptly pointed out, so why am I needed? Oh, to deliver the video you might not have found on your own). Check it out below, and hope that their next video involves some unicorn riding.

Watch! Elliphant – Down on Life

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  1. 2012/12/18

    […] recently covered Elliphant, and commented on how awesome Sweden has been for pumping out great pop tunes of late. We have […]