City and Colour Announce New Digital EP, Covers, Pt. 2 – Out December 4

City and Colour (read: Dallas Green) has announced a new EP, and it’s out really soon. It’s called Covers, Pt. 2, and is a 2-song EP out on December 4 – JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. It was only last year where City and Colour’s Little Hell was cracking our Best Albums of 2011 list.


The first track is How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me, which is originally by Swedish singer-songwriter Kristofer Åström from the band Fireside. The second track is Soon Enough by Canadian stalwarts, The Constantines, who don’t have any cool accents over their name.

If you are wondering why the EP is called Covers, Pt. 2, without there being a Pt. 1, well, there was a Pt. 1. It was a limited-edition, vinyl only, ticket pre-sale package. Pt. 2 is the new Pt. 1, or something like that. So it’s not new material, but it’s new to you, and sung by Dallas Green, which makes it reason enough to get it.

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