Morning Music Notes – A Second Round of Crap?

Beady Eye to Be Produced by Dave Sitek

Oasis broke up and formed 2 camps – 4 of the 5 members went and formed Beady Eye, while Noel Gallagher went solo. How did Round 1 go? Beady Eye made a pretty shit album, while Noel Gallagher had a pretty good disc, which led to arena tours across the UK. Round 1: Noel. Noel had previously said he was doing work with Amorphous Androgynous for a bizarre second album, but those plans might have been shelved. We now know Beady Eye’s plans – they are being produced by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek (via Stereogum).

Dave Sitek has done remix and other work outside of TVOTR, such as stuff with Florence + the Machine, Lykki Li, CSS, and even Usher. Hopefully he can work some magic for the lads, or else we’ll hope we get a gift receipt with this Christmas gift.

of Montreal Turns to Kickstarter to Fund Documentary

We’ve featured many cool (and the odd terrible) Kickstarter ideas here on PeteHatesMusic. of Montreal have now turned to the crowd funding website in order to help complete their documentary project (via Consequence of Sound).

The band started recording stuff in 2007 and just haven’t stopped (like me in front of a bag of cookies). They have hundreds of hours of footage, and plan to make a documentary entitled Song Dynasties. They are attempting to raise $75,000 on Kickstarter for the “final round of footage.” If you donate, you can get prizes such as limited edition DVDs, old VIP passes (which are collectable and now useless), as well as appearing on the stage with the band and dancing around in costume for a song- sweet! Check out a promo of why you should contribute.

Kim Dotcom Ends Up Registering New Zealand Domain

People who read PHM regularly might wonder why we write so much about Kim Dotcom. He is the man behind what was arguably the biggest Internet pirating site in the world in Megaupload. He got raided in New Zealand by the FBI. And he’s planning on doing it all again, but this time with more safety nets. His new cloud locker website will launch under the New Zealand domain (via Digital Trends).

Kim Dotcom had wanted to launch Me.Ga, but .ga belows to small African nation, Gabon, and they were having none of it (despite the potential boost to tourism dollars!). The domain is going to launch in January, 1 year to the day that the raid on Kim Dotcom occurred. Movie and music industry – be prepared to get mass-pirated once again (not that this isn’t already happening).

Listen! Veronica Falls – Teenage


Ahead of next year’s Waiting for Something to Happen (which is what I do when I stare at my toaster – apparently it needs to be plugged in), Veronica Falls have offered up us the track Teenage. The London indie pop band might remind you of the Raveonettes at times, and that’s not a band thing. Check out Teenage below.

(via Stereogum)

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