Watch! The Black Keys – Sister

The Black Keys are robots. There is no other logical explanation (except time travel, which is a theory I like, too). They make lots of albums. They go on long tours. Even when they are making a new album, which they are presently doing, they are starring in videos for new songs that aren’t on their albums. The latest example being the track The Baddest Man Alive, which is the track they did with RZA.

The Black Keys - -Sister- - YouTube screen cap

The latest video is for Sister, from 2011’s El Camino. However, it’s not an official video – it’s a fan video hosted on YouTube by Noisey (via Consequence of Sound). (Update: it might not be a fan-made video – origin to be determined). This video depicts every girl’s fantasy – one night with me a crazy time at the laundromat. Even though it’s not official, you might not know the song, so take a listen below. Don’t forget the fabric softener – I have delicate skin.

The Black Keys – Sister

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